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What Do We Do?

Everybody makes mistakes. It’s what happens next that matters.

Danny Meyer

Managing a restaurant is fun – you see tons of interesting people everyday and they love to dine at your restaurant. There might be dramas but hey, that’s part of life, isn’t it?
It’s more than just selling the food people likes, it’s about sharing something the chef and/or owner really love.
The important thing is, are our customers really understanding what you’re sharing?

It is Daniel & Rose’s goal to make sure the restaurant feels like a cozy shelter for our customers. We do our best to deliver the best experience with quality food and service.
We wanted to introduce more Asian cuisine to more people around us. We love it, the concept, the spirit and the excitement.

Color affects visual merchandising by attracting people within the first five seconds, which communicates an immediate association or emotion.

Mark Clifton

Signage, posters, wall paints, logos, menus, and much more. They tell a story of your store, they attract your customers to come in and check out what cool stuff you have.
They can also do exactly the opposite job, if you mess it up really badly.

With eyes that focus on details and overall appealing objects, our VM service specialists can elevate your brand to another level.
It’s sometimes a simple touch, or sometimes a whole new design. One way or another, your store should always look fabulous.

Receiving money from customer should be happy, at least no hassle. The worst thing a business owner wanted to see, is a customer wanted to pay got denied by clumsy POS machines.

No one, Daniel just came up with it.

If you have a headache every time you look at that POS machine, maybe it’s time to get a new one.
Not only it’s going to cure your headache, but everyone in the store will be happier: your employee, your customers, and of course yourself.

Doesn’t matter if you’re starting out your new business and just need a simple (also cheap) way to receive money, or you’re currently looking for a system to replace the existing, we can certainly help.
We DO NOT sell any of those stuff, nor are we affiliated with any company that does sell them. We’re just here to help you to choose.

It is only when they go wrong that machines remind you how powerful they are.

Clive James

Printers? Computers? iPads? Speakers? Lights? Blinds? Security Systems? Switches? Surveillance?
Yes, you have them all. What if they stop working (together)? Are you simply screwed?

IT consulting could be stressing, you don’t recognize half the terms people refer to. At the same time, all representatives try to sell you the technology you don’t really need.
At Daniel & Rose’s, we simply illustrate the picture so you know you’re in control. You’ll see it’s no difficult than changing a flat tire – with proper tools, not a crane.


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